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Righteous Anger

“You’re such an angry Black woman!” Ten years ago I would freeze if a Black man told me this. I’d become compliant, apologizing and begging him to not misread me. I wasn’t one of THOSE ‘angry black women’;I was one of the ‘good ones’. To prove it I would then launch into a passionate declaration of […]

“Ya’ll Must Have Forgot”: Historical Amnesia and Silly Memes

Before I went to bed last night the attached meme surfaced in my timeline on Twitter. I’ve had the misfortune of seeing this ignorance before but apparently it is making the rounds again. There are a number of troubling aspects about this meme. However in this post I will focus on only one: the way […]

The Black, The Bold, The Beautiful

The pictures of Nigerian singer Dencia and the proliferation of the use of bleaching creams in majority-Black nations had me extremely tight yesterday. I addressed it in  my previous post, but I am still vexed and highly angered with it. There is part of me that accepts the foolishness among my own tribe of the […]

Western Shores, Part II

In my last blog post I addressed a few of the common points of tension between African-Americans and Continental Africans. Though I mentioned the lingering resentment over the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, I did not go into it in detail. I planned to, but as I wrote I began to feel that the subject-and its’ place […]

Western Shores, Part I

“Mama Zora, please GO!” It is July 2006 and I am in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The words are from Happy, one of my husband’s cousins. She is smiling and shooing me away from my two-year old daughter, whom I had just picked up with the intention of feeding. Used to life as a stay […]

Our Diaspora

“Where are your people from?” It was a question that always made its’ way into my conversations with other Black children back in the day in Seattle. After exchanging pleasantries and learning that we ‘clicked’ with one another we would ask where our respective families came from. After all, it was known and understood that […]

Underneath It All

When I was thirteen years old I wrote a poem titled “To The Brothers”. Full of the zeal and naïveté typical of the young, I poured out my feelings to the Black Man. I waxed eloquently on what the evil of White Supremacy had done to the Black Man. My Grandma loved the poem, and […]

Warrior Women

On December 13th global icon Beyoncé released her latest album. Yesterday my FB news feed was flooded with commentary about it. Some hold her up as a role model and inspiration for young girls across the world. As I read the discussions my mind began to race with questions about the whole concept of role […]