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July 27

More Than A Dream: Higher Education and Family Support

In today’s vlog I discuss the importance of parents/families giving young students the proper support and tools needed on the path to college: Advertisements

My Girl: On The Hopes and Fears of Raising A Young Woman

A comment made by my daughter about college sparked this vlog on the anxiety involved in parenting a daughter:

Leave The Kids Alone: Black Children and Internalized Oppression

*sigh* It seems that a week doesn’t pass without some toxic, anti-Black foolishness making the rounds on social media. In today’s vlog I address particularly distasteful meme about Blue Ivy Carter:      

Not Born To Breed-Part II

It’s been a little over ten years since my daughter was born. During that time I’ve heard a constant question from my friends and family: so when are you going to have another one? The issue of the environment that said child would be coming into is never a concern to those who pressure me […]

Not Born To Breed-Part I

*Over the past two years I have thought about writing an open, no-holds barred post on my experiences with pregnancy and motherhood as an African-American woman from a lower-income, urban background. A post that I read from a sista on Facebook last week finally gave me the courage to do so. With ‘Not Born to Breed’ […]

April 23

A Nation’s Rise

A note to my readers: I will pick up my domestic violence series tomorrow. At the moment, however, there is a current event that I must address . This week my FB newsfeed has once again been flooded with the video of an adolescent Black girl being filmed as a relative beats and shamed in […]


I wanted to write a post detailing my righteous indignation at a video that has been making the rounds on Facebook. In said video a thirteen-year old girl is accosted by family when she returns home after being missing for three days. Her Uncle whips her with a belt on the street, pulls her hair […]


I think I was around ten or eleven years of age when I noticed that people have an inordinate interest in the sex lives-real or imagined-of others. Gossiping about which girls were suspected to be sexually active was a favorite past time of teens and adults alike, even the ‘saved’ ones. Openly wondering about the sexual activity […]