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To Hate?

Though I no longer give my allegiance to Christianity or any organized religion, the holiday season continues to be one of my favorite times of the year. Being able to take time out to relax and break bread with my loved ones fills me with warmth and reminds me of the better times that I […]

The Sacred and The Profane: ‘Fast’

To start this series exploring my encounters and thoughts on sexuality and religion, I must begin at the age when both issues began to matter to me.From the fall of 1990 to the summer of 1991, three events took place, two of which would alter the course of my life. In November 1990, my mother […]

Manufacturing Myths

When my mother passed away in July 2005, she left behind four daughters, of which I’m the oldest. My siblings were 18, 15 and 8 at the time . Though it has been hard and painful, we have survived. Our loss has strengthened our bond even more, and next to my daughter I love and […]


It was a regular Sunday afternoon. I think I must have been seventeen or eighteen years old at the time. As was the custom on days when we had 3pm service, the women of my church had prepared lunch. Now most of ┬áthese ladies were either from the South or raised by Southern women, so […]

The Game

As a Black woman from the inner-city, I have a love-hate relationship with hip-hop/rap music. I love hip-hop because it is the soundtrack that I came of age to. There is no way I can look back at my teen years without hop-hop coming to mind. 1991: listening to my elders slam those “fast” teen […]