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Love and Happiness…

While clearing my Yahoo inbox this morning, I came across an invite to a seminar that a local Muslim organization was hosting regarding marriage and love. I opened the email and reading it brought certain memories flooding back. I can remember hanging out at a sister’s home late one night. Earlier in the day we’d […]

The Sacred and The Profane: Church Girls and ‘Convertibles’

You want a freaky woman? Go to the church. Church girls are the FREAKIEST!’ It was a saying repeated by the good ole boys inside of the church and the non believers outside alike. Though some may take umbrage to this saying, in my experience there is certainly a grain of truth to it. To come […]

The Sacred and The Profane: ‘Fast’

To start this series exploring my encounters and thoughts on sexuality and religion, I must begin at the age when both issues began to matter to me.From the fall of 1990 to the summer of 1991, three events took place, two of which would alter the course of my life. In November 1990, my mother […]

Testicles Are Not A Testament

Back in the 1990s, when I was a good Baptist girl, I was taught that the man was to be the head of things. That was just the way it was ‘sposed to be according to God Himself. You see, God created Adam first, so that meant Adam was number one! And everything was all […]

This Brave New World…

Earlier this week, a video of a fourteen year old, Amber Cole, performing oral sex on the steps of  her school went viral. As a woman and as a parent, I find the whole debacle very disturbing. I have pity for this generation. In my teens all you had to worry about was old-fashioned gossip. […]

How To Respect

As stated in my previous entry, I’m ambivalent when it comes to hip-hop, the music that I came of age to. I’m not a fan of the more commercial fare that passes for hip-hop nowadays and generally do not pay attention to what is on the radio. So I was very surprised when I found […]

Submission, Part III

“Religion misoverstood is poison“-Nas, ‘What Goes Around’ When I published my initial entry regarding the doctrine of submission, it was not my intention to do multiple installments on the subject. However the discussions that ensued provoked more thoughts. I suppose if I wanted to I could go on and on about it. I could argue […]

Reasons, Part II

The female convert to Islam is sometimes viewed with a mixture of pity and contempt by non-Muslims. Such was my experience after I took shahadah.  People around me came up with all kinds of theories in their attempt to make sense of it. On a messageboard that I had frequented for a good eight years, […]