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September 02

‘Just Like Music’:Intro

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain…”-Bob Marley Earlier this week I decided to take advantage of Apple Music’s free three-month trial. Within twenty-four hours of signing up I knew that I was going to become a permanent subscriber to the service. I love music and can’t fathom an […]

June 08

The Case of The ‘MBA’: Love, Dating and Infidelity in My Thirties

The year that I turned thirty I bemoaned my plight as a divorcee to a long-time friend. For me the age of thirty was the first in a list of magical ages beat into my head by family and society(thirty-five and forty-two are the others). When I was fifteen years old I had a clear […]

A Letter for Grandma

Today is not supposed to be one of the significant anniversaries.  It is not the first, the fifth or the tenth year. It is an odd year, the eleventh since you left my life. But the weight of your absence was especially profound for me today, as the calendar date coincided with the day you […]

My New Year

It’s been nearly two months since I updated this blog. After the events of the fall I honestly felt too burned out to write that much(I will elaborate more on that burnout in future posts). I also had to focus on preparing my daughter to spend five weeks abroad in Dar es Salaam. My child […]

Cut Off: On Eliminating Toxicity

In Exile Part I I revisited the sense of alienation I face as one who does not share the religious views which are widely held by members of my ethnic group. I’m able to deal with that alienation because I value a life of authenticity. But beyond that I stay away from the Christianity of […]

She Can’t Win: On Black Women’s Reproductive Choices and Sexuality

*Originally published at Palava Sauce, written by me* She can’t win. If she’s a virgin, practices celibacy or makes a man wait a set amount of time to have sex with her, she’s accused of being a stuck-up, uptight prude. If she’s sexually active and comfortable expressing her sexual desires and wants, she’s branded a […]

Black and Brown-Conclusion

Nearly twenty-three years have elapsed since the day that the paths of two little girls of color crossed. Raquel and I have grown from our preteen years to adulthood together. Indeed at every high and low that we’ve faced we have been there for each other. When Raquel had her first child in 2003 I […]

Black and Brown, Part III

“Hola Daniella, please come in”, Wendy, Raquel’s Mom, said as I stepped through the door. It was spring 1995, the end of my freshman year in high school. A few months earlier Raquel’s family moved from the South End and bought a house in West Seattle. I was sad when Raquel first told me of the […]