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The Sacred and The Profane: ‘Fast’

To start this series exploring my encounters and thoughts on sexuality and religion, I must begin at the age when both issues began to matter to me.From the fall of 1990 to the summer of 1991, three events took place, two of which would alter the course of my life. In November 1990, my mother […]

The Sacred and The Profane-Introduction

‘Do you dare liberate yourself to your own self-nature? To the stuff that you’re made of? The very things inside you? Or do you continue to shackle yourself in the name of the sacred. Taught and preached by those who.. If exposed their inner desires would shock and awe you. Ahhhhh, the virgin/whore dichotomy. Give […]

How To Respect

As stated in my previous entry, I’m ambivalent when it comes to hip-hop, the music that I came of age to. I’m not a fan of the more commercial fare that passes for hip-hop nowadays and generally do not pay attention to what is on the radio. So I was very surprised when I found […]


As a nonbeliever, I have had people ask me why I go so hard against organized religion, the Abrahamic faiths in particular. The answer is quite simple. I’ve gone through stages of religious zealotry in my life. And as a former ‘true believer’, I know all too well the harm that such faith can cause. […]

Submission, Part II

Submission, Part II Earlier today I was reflecting on my experiences in the church and masjid and how they mirror each other. Suddenly I was overcome with laughter. I was all alone in my apartment with an uncontrollable case of the giggles. I held my stomach and my eyes watered as I realized how thoroughly […]

The Afterlife

Happy New Years to all! Now let’s move along to the latest installment of my adventures in apostasy.:) When people learned that I decided to leave Islam, the first thing they would bring up was the akhira-the afterlife. “But sister what of the afterlife? Don’t you fear the punishment of Allah? If you leave Islam […]

The Men of God…

Throughout the day, I’ve been reflecting on the concept of submission in the Abrahamic faiths. I thought of how easily I accepted it. I was told that the Scriptures were from God Himself, so I went along with it. But lately I find myself questioning all of it. It’s just odd to me that all […]


” I just don’t understand it! What would possess an American woman, born with all the rights and privileges afforded to her by this nation, to choose convert to Islam? Why would any woman choose to be part of such a backwards religion that looks down on women and treats them so badly?” As a […]