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The Promise of The Present

Within months of graduating from high school in 1976 my mother made two major decisions with her life: she joined the Navy and married her high school sweetheart-the man who would become my father. When she completed boot camp my Grandma traveled to Orlando for her graduation. Years later my Grandma’s face would shine with […]

Just A Moment

Right now I lie in my bed, luxuriating in the events of the day. This morning one of my cousins graduated with a bachelors’. I spent the evening celebrating her achievement with my family. I am immensely proud of her! Her perseverance and dedication is commendable. After my daughter took pictures with her I reminded […]

U-N-I-T-Y Part I

The summer of 2013 was truly the summer of my discontent. The Supreme Court ruling regarding the Voting Rights and the acquittal of George Zimmerman were a powerful punch to my gut. As they say in the streets shit got real, and the country of my birth once again reminded me that I’m less than […]

The Ten Black(Woman’s) Commandments

Over the past few months I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the amount of misogynoir I’ve experienced.  Even my more intellectual and conscious brethren are not immune to engaging in it. To borrow a line from an old Queen Latifah song-Dimunitive Diva’s had it up to HERE! As tempted as I am to proverbially show my […]


I’m back folks! It’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted. To be honest the acquittal of George Zimmerman had a profound impact on me psychologically. The combination of Zimmerman getting off and the various reactions to it truly knocked the wind out of me. I didn’t have the desire to write. For the […]

Earrings Off, Vaseline On

The reality of my existence in the United States has led me to develop a multi-layered identity. Indeed, there are many labels that apply to me-single mother, divorcee, atheist, heterosexual-but there are two in particular which inform my worldview the most: my race and my gender. I am not one of those Black Americans who […]

Full Circle

June was a long and frustrating month for me. Between hearing of a little black girl whose braids were cut off by a teacher , an Ohio school banning natural hairstyles for black children, the Paula Deen fiasco and the George Zimmerman trial I was SPENT. When the Supreme Court killed the Voting Rights Act last […]

Shades of Blackness: My School Daze, Part II

*A note before we continue: the attached picture is a real ad from the 1940s. Sadly the message contained in it was still being conveyed when I was a teen, as we’ll see in this post. “So D, when are you going to stop relaxing your hair?” Here we go again, I said to myself. […]