October 29

Harlem Blues

As my eyes scanned the walls, from the vintage black and white covers to the color one with President Barack Obama, they filled with tears. The beautiful and rich legacy of my people lay before me…

October 24

To New Beginnings…

I sit in the terminal at JFK International Airport, the heavy rain and gray skies reminding me of the city I’m returning to. But the gloomy weather isn’t enough to dampen my spirits. Indeed, as the events of the last five days play in my head, I’m overcome with a sense of tranquility and gratitude. […]

April 19

It’s On You

‘Personal responsibility’. I often cringe when I hear the phrase. It’s not that I have a problem with the concept. The necessity of accepting responsibility for my actions was a major part of my upbringing, and one that I’m drilling into baby girls’ psyche as well. However, the term has been so used and abused […]

April 18

Parent Life: New School Rules

Teenagers have the unique ability to work a parents’ last nerve! In this post I share how I responded to a case of willful disobedience from mine.

April 17

Unashamed: A Post-Easter Reflection

Growing up in the Baptist church, Easter Sunday reigned supreme as the high point of our calendar. Christmas was important and celebrated, but without the death and resurrection of Christ, it would have been pointless. So on April 16th, 2017 I rose early and attended morning worship just as I did two decades ago. Service […]

January 20


A note to today’s post: Happy New Year to my followers! It has been nearly six months since you heard from me. I have no plans to take down my blog, but the truth of the matter is that my life and commitments have changed drastically over the past eighteen months. As a result, I […]

July 12

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around:Outrage Fatigue and Shifting Focus

Originally posted on diminutivediva:
I know better. I should have never clicked ‘play’ on that video. It is not as if it could show me anything new. It couldn’t teach a lesson any different from the one I peeped watching a fuzzy video with my late Grandma back in 1991, or the simmering emotion in the…

July 08

Stay Ready

When my daughter was born, I was very fortunate to have my Mama around to help and guide me as a new mother. Her support in those early months was crucial. Though I had experience taking care of children, being responsible for a human being I’d carried myself was vastly different. But Mama shared the […]