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Underneath It All

When I was thirteen years old I wrote a poem titled “To The Brothers”. Full of the zeal and naïveté typical of the young, I poured out my feelings to the Black Man. I waxed eloquently on what the evil of White Supremacy had done to the Black Man. My Grandma loved the poem, and […]

“Let’s Talk About Sex”: Sexuality, Reproductive Freedom and Empowerment

Let’s talk about sex, baby Let’s talk about you and me Let’s talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be… As I was heading into the Sixth grade Salt-n-Pepa dropped the song “Let’s Talk About Sex”. I’d adored the all girl group ever since I saw the video for “Push […]

An Unheeded Alarm

In my last blog series I journeyed back to my adolescence and reviewed my complicated relationship with hip-hop. The rise of ‘gangsta rap’-and the explicit nature of the songs of the genre-would lead to intense debates during the 90s. I was reminded of the acrimony between critics and fans of the emerging genre a few […]

Toxic-The Aftermath

At the time my Mom and I had the frank discussion that I detailed in yesterday’s post hip-hop faced a serious questions as well. The East Coast-West Coast rivalry (which the media hyped up) would lead to the murders of Tupac and Biggie. The loss of these titans would make them legends. Their senseless, violent […]

Warrior Women

On December 13th global icon Beyoncé released her latest album. Yesterday my FB news feed was flooded with commentary about it. Some hold her up as a role model and inspiration for young girls across the world. As I read the discussions my mind began to race with questions about the whole concept of role […]

Chile BYE: A Farewell to Online Misogynoir

I stared at the link on my screen, debating whether I should click play. The video, titled “Why I Don’t Date Black Women”, was sent to me by my favorite cousin. He is my only relative who shares my views on race, so we frequently build on the subject. As a black man he shares […]

Black Woman and Child

Being a mother is one of my greatest joys in life. My precocious daughter leaves me speechless on a regular basis, and I look forward to our discussions. When I pick her up from after school care and see the happiness at my return reflected in her eyes the stress of my workday dissipates. With […]

Whose Hair Is It Anyway

Over the past six months I’ve become increasingly agitated with the badgering and critique that black women who wear straight hair and/or weaves receive, mostly from “conscious black men”. This focus on dictating black women’s beauty choices truly perplexes me. A direct question to my brothers who are engaging in this behavior: why are our […]