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October 21

Parent Life: Out Of Sync

In the latest installment of Parent Life I discuss my reticence in filling my daughters’ head with the ideas I was given about marriage and motherhood, and how the disparity in what we teach girls and boys as children leads to problems in adulthood: Advertisements

Parent Life: Staying Humble

In my latest Parent Life video I discuss a word we parents don’t like to use in reference to ourselves: humility.

October 05

Parent Life: Live and Learn

It is easy to fall into the pattern of lecturing your child(ren). But as my daughter grows I have found that occasionally I have to fall back on using my words to steer her behavior and let her learn by experience instead:  

My Girl: On The Hopes and Fears of Raising A Young Woman

A comment made by my daughter about college sparked this vlog on the anxiety involved in parenting a daughter:

A Letter for Aunty

May 16th is a date that I reflect on annually. It is both your birthday and Grandma’s. I remember our first Mothers’ Day  after Grandma passed. It was close to your birthday that year. The loss of Grandma was still so fresh for you, but you still took the time to give me a bouquet […]