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Shades of Blackness: The Aftermath

I stepped up onto bus route #48, heading to the CD to visit my friend Agnes. I’d met Agnes in May 1997. Though I was two years older than her we clicked from the beginning and became close. Like my friendship with Tisha my connection to Agnes grew from our common ground as outcasts. I […]

Shades of Blackness: My Revolution Part II

It was now February 1997 and I was still in love with my hair. Going natural led to more harassment and put me outside of the pale of normalcy among my people. However it also emboldened me to stand firm. I no longer remained silent when people insulted me. When I heard a derogatory comment […]

Shades of Blackness: My Revolution Part I

“WOW…this is all…me”, I said as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I beheld something that I had not seen since I was seven years old: myself with a full head of natural hair. It was October 1996, the beginning of my junior year in high school. Tisha had continued to press her […]

Shades of Blackness: My School Daze, Part II

*A note before we continue: the attached picture is a real ad from the 1940s. Sadly the message contained in it was still being conveyed when I was a teen, as we’ll see in this post. “So D, when are you going to stop relaxing your hair?” Here we go again, I said to myself. […]

Shades of Blackness: Introduction

The subject of Colorism among African Americans is a difficult topic, one that I’ve personally been reticent to discuss. My reticence does not stem from the psychological trauma that this issue brings to the surface for me. Rather it’s a result of the reaction I’ve received from other African Americans when I attempt to express what I […]