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Toxic, Part III

“Some men need lots of women For their passions to feel But I want only you, girl If it’s in, if it’s in, if it’s in Lord’s will, ’cause I, ’cause I love you…” My Mama sits on the floor of her apartment, softly singing along to Lenny Williams as she cut out patterns. It […]

Toxic, Part II

I stood in the bathroom at my Mom’s place. The year is 1997 and I’m preparing to go to my high school’s Tolo-a formal dance, sort of like a prom for underclassmen. My dress is looking right, but I think I could use another coat of lipstick. I rummage through my Caboodles makeup case until I find […]

Toxic, Part I

Warning to my readers: In today’s post I will be quoting lyrics from the hop-hop that I grew up listening to in the 1990s. Given this some of the language will be explicit and possibly offensive to some readers.  Some of my happiest memories of my late mother revolve around music. My mother was in her early twenties when […]