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Stay Winning

White Supremacy STAYS winning. The words echoed through my mind as I stood in the checkout line at a local grocery story this morning. Mighty Mango smoothie by Naked in hand, I glanced at the magazine racks to my right. PEOPLE magazine’s latest cover made me suck my teeth in disgust. Oh poor Paula Deen! I […]

“Ya’ll Must Have Forgot”: Historical Amnesia and Silly Memes

Before I went to bed last night the attached meme surfaced in my timeline on Twitter. I’ve had the misfortune of seeing this ignorance before but apparently it is making the rounds again. There are a number of troubling aspects about this meme. However in this post I will focus on only one: the way […]

Guest Blogger Emelyne Museax: ‘It’s Not Fear, It’s Habit’

Note to my readers: In yesterday’s post I penned an open letter to White Americans, questioning their fear of my community. In today’s post guest blogger Emelyne Museax explores the issue of  white racial fears more and adds her spin on it.  Fear: (noun) An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something […]

My Issues with ‘Black Christians are Uncle Toms’

As stated in my previous entry , Cult of Dusty’s latest video on Black Christians rubbed me the wrong way. For the sake of brevity I chose not to go in depth with my critique of the video in that post.  In this entry however I will elaborate on why I find the video so problematic. […]


Pieza de Indias. That was the term used throughout Latin America, and later in the West Indies and back on the West African coast, for enslaved Africans. They were pieces of people. One pieza was an adult slave free of visible flaws. This measurement was useful in determining the worth of the enslaved individual and […]