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February 07

30 Day Challenge Day Fourteen: Seven Years Later

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Fourteen: Your Life In Seven Years The topic of today’s writing prompt is one that I contemplate with increasing frequency. From the day I found out I was pregnant, the happiness and well-being of my child have been my priority. At times, motherhood has so engulfed my identity that I […]

February 02

30-Day Challenge Day Thirteen: The Daily Ride

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Thirteen: Your Daily Commute Between work and ferrying my child to her various activities, I am on the road driving six days a week. In the fall, my daily commute consumed so much of my time that I refused to drive anywhere on Sundays. And though I was anxious when […]

January 31

30-Day Challenge Day Twelve: Funny Business

30-Day Challenge: Two words/phrases that make you laugh ‘Groceries”. Before April 2015, the word ‘groceries’ denoted the plethora of food items that I obtained from my local Safeway or Walmart. But on a cloudy, spring day I was unfortunately exposed to Omarion’s whack single ‘Post To Be’. Aside from taking modern R & B to […]

January 31

30-Day Challenge Day Eleven: Your Current Relationship

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Eleven: Your Current Relationship (if single, discuss that too) When I saw this topic listed for Day Eleven of the 30 Day Challenge, I was delighted!  I don’t have a relationship to discuss, so I will instead share my post-divorce experiences and outlook on love and dating in the 21st […]

January 29

30-Day Challenge Day Ten: A Fruit You Dislike & Why

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Ten: A Fruit You Dislike and Why   This entry for the 30 Day Writing Challenge will be short and sour, as sour as the fruit I detest: grapefruit. Generally speaking, I’m quite the fan of the citrus family. Oranges are now my go-to snack, used to void the temptation […]

January 27

30-Day Challenge Day Nine: Your Feelings on Ageism

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Nine: Your Feelings On Ageism “I still look good though”. Since reaching our thirties, these five words have tumbled from the lips of me and my friends every year. I often tell myself that I have little concern about aging. And seventy-five percent of the time it’s true. But my […]

January 26

30-Day Challenge Day Eight: One Book I Love, One Book I Hate

30 Day Writing Challenge Day Eight: A Book You Love & One You Didn’t Confession time: in my early 20s I had a sordid addiction to hood novels, more elegantly known as urban fiction. Though I grew up reading various giants of the African-American literary canon, the grittiness in the stories of the inner-city intrigued […]

January 25

30-Day Challenge Day Seven: Your Tattoos & What They Mean

For day seven of the 30 day writing challenge I talk about my (nonexistent) tattoos.